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Elephants live big lives and no single organisation can hope to secure a future for them on its own. STE is proud to be at the heart of a growing coalition united to save elephants.


Ivory Ella is an online store that sells quality clothing for the fashionable and ethically-conscious. Providing – “Good clothes for a good cause” – products that contribute to positive change and making the world a better place. Ivory Ella have become one of the world’s leading supporters of elephants. Since their founding in 2015, 10% of net profits from Ivory Ella have come directly to support Save the Elephants’ work on the ground in Africa and is making a significant difference in our mission to secure a future for the species.




WorldWomenWork was born over 17 years ago, and since then, founder Singer Rankin has travelled to some of the most remote parts of Africa and Asia in search of women artisans creating unique and beautiful products. From selling these products and with generous contributions through her 501(c)3, WorldWomenWork are one of Save the Elephants’ longest standing supporters, helping to educate communities surrounding elephant rangelands and protecting and understanding some of Northern Kenya’s orphaned elephants in the face of the poaching crisis.




Mammoth Inc. is an event production company that produces full-scale festivals, amphitheater and arena shows to private gig venues in Midwest America. In 2014, Mammoth started TUSK Outreach, emphasising their compassionate nature with the aim to inspire and influence music fans and artists to come together for a cohesive collective outreach. $0.50 from every Mammoth ticket sold is donated to the TUSK Outreach Fund. 100% of this fund is split equally between Save the Elephants, Water.org and a local charity of choice within Kansas City. By buying concert tickets to Mammoth ticketed events you are directly helping to protect the woolly mammoth’s living relative – the elephant!



F.L.O.A.T. Apparel

For Love of All Things, also known as F.L.O.A.T, produces online campaigns to raise the profiles of the world’s best non-profits by increasing awareness and promoting funding. Every year F.L.O.A.T partners with Save the Elephants, creating a new t-shirt design that reflects our nature – the product is then available for sale as a limited edition apparel item for 1-2 weeks only. For every purchase made at www.float.org during that particular period, $8 per item is donated to Save the Elephants.



And all our other partners who have continued to support our mission to secure a future for these magnificent animals including:

Real Africa


Staff & Trustees

Save the Elephants is proud of the wide diversity of talents that have come together to fight for a future for elephants under our banner. From the beginning we have always combined world-leading scientific minds with the unrivalled experience and deep, intuitive knowledge of African cultures that have long co-existed with elephants.


Save the Elephants relies on donations from individuals and foundations to fund its work to secure a future for elephants. Our conservation activities are built on a continued pioneering research into the ecology and behaviour of elephants and on deep, data-driven insights into the ivory trade and its impacts on elephant populations.

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