Locals protest against tusker menace (Nepal)

The Himalayan

December 28, 2012

ITHARI:More than one thousand Garaiya locals have been spending sleepless nights for the past one week as a herd of elephants entered the villages and unleashed terror.

Locals say that a herd of wild elephants from the Koshitappu Wild Life Reserve sneaked into the village every night and unleashed terror. The tuskers demolished houses and destroyed the crops. 

Some families of the two VDCs have already fled their villages to escape the tuskers’ rampage. The unruly elephants have destroyed as many as four houses in the island in the past one week. 

Bhuban Candrabanshi, chairperson of the local Janata Lower Secondary School Management Committee said the elephants have completely destroyed sweet potatoes and sugarcane planted over 10 katthas of land in the village. 

“Elephants entered the village between 9 to 11 pm while some locals have been taking shelter at their neighbours’ houses,” Bhuban said. Terrorised villagers complain that local administration and the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve should take acion. Meanwhile, the victims have warned of staging a protest programme if their grievances are not addressed at the earliest.


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