140 animals seized from poachers in Cameroon


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Translated from French by an automated online translation service. See link for original. Thank you to Anne Dillon for finding and doing the online translating.

Poaching has reached crisis level in Cameroon, where some 140 animal species and seven firearms were seized from poachers by the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) in Bertoua in the East, APA learned Tuesday from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. The species killed were lions, elephants, rhinos, manatees, and many other protected animals and birds, to which should be added tens of tusks of elephants.

This significant seizure according to the regional department of forests and wildlife and protected areas of the East was conducted during a routine check of BIR elements made in recent years in the field against poaching.
According to the same source, a dozen people arrested by the defense and security forces are behind bars and will be referred between Tuesday and tomorrow before the courts to answer for their actions. In accordance with regulatory provisions, in addition to monetary penalties, the traffickers face a sentence of imprisonment of six months to two years.
Because of the rise of poaching, the government decided to send the military to secure parks Bouba Ndjida and Waza in the Far North and Sangha Reserve in the east, in the center of huge poaching traffic.