800 km long electric fence around villages to keep wild elephants away (Sri Lanka)


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Sri Lankan government has decided to build another 800 kilometers of electrical fence to prevent elephants from entering into villages.

According to the government, about 60-80 human lives and lives of more than 200 wild elephants are lost annually due to human -elephant and cost-effective electric fencing has been identified as the only viable solution and most productive measure to control this long-standing conflict in the country. –

About 3300 km long fences have been constructed so far in this regard. Construction of 275 km of fences are under way for 2016.

It has been planned to erect 800 km long fences in 2017 in seven wildlife zones according to a proposal made by Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife Gamini Jayawickrama Perera, and the Cabinet of ministers has granted approval to purchase required material for the project.