A job well done!- Christina Toms


Christina Toms, International Intern

Date Published

Happy New Year!  What an adventure this has been so far.  I realize now how lucky I am to be volunteering at Save The Elephants in Samburu National Reserve!

I’m Christina Toms, an MFA student in Film Production and Creative Writing at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  I first heard of Save The Elephants through my partner, Jake Wall, who has been with the organization for 10 years.  Now, while he gets on with the technical details, I have the great privilege to help out STE with their social media and launching a story about 5 orphaned elephants on their website, as well as anything else I can find to do.  More on that later…in the meantime, here’s me on my first game drive:

I’m a little more comfortable now than I look in that picture.  The elephants are quite docile, though intimidating still given their size!  In fact the other day we found a tree on the road outside of camp that had been torn down by Jagger the Bull.  He likes to hang around camp and the STE camp crew says this happens a lot.  In fact it has happened to this particular tree once before.  So the guys got the Save The Elephants truck out to put the tree back in its place.  They say it will live…until Jagger returns at least!