A week of rape, ivory smuggling and drugs (Windhoek, Namibia)


Selma Ikela, New Era

Date Published

At least four cases of rape were reported to the police across the
country during last week. The cases included the rape of a
two-year-old girl by a 19-year-old man in Oshikoto Region. The young
man is said to be a cattle herder in Onashikuvu village. The incident
took place on March 14 and the teenager has since been arrested.

“The suspect is a cattle herder and had sexual intercourse with the
victim in the house. Police investigations continue,” said police
spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi.

The police further said a 15-year-old girl was raped by unknown man in
the Rehoboth area on Friday. Shikwambi said it is alleged the girl had
hitchhiked from Rehoboth to Tsumis Park to visit her grandmother.

“When she was dropped off at the junction to Tsumis Park she walked
alone … when she crossed the path of a strange man who hit her on the
head, grabbed her and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her
without her consent and thereafter fled,” said Shikwambi. The victim
was taken to hospital and the rape was confirmed. Shikwambi said the
suspect was not yet arrested.

Police in Omaheke Region are investigating a case of rape and robbery
after a 20-year-old female, who was with her boyfriend walking from
the bar returning home, was raped by two attackers.

Shikwambi said the couple was approached by two men who emerged from
the bushes and attacked them. It is alleged the attackers stabbed the
boyfriend once in the back with a knife and robbed him of his
cellphone, wristwatch and wallet.

“The suspects dragged the girlfriend into the nearby bushes, stabbed
her on the left hand with the knife, undressed her and both had sexual
intercourse with her,” said Shikwambi, adding that the men then fled.

Police further arrested a 27-year-old man for having sexual relations
with an underage girl. The girl, who is 15 years old, is now pregnant.

According to Shikwambi the man had a relationship with the girl and
had previously been warned to stay away from her. This happened at
Gochas in Hardap Region.
The police were also alerted to a possible smuggling of ivory in
Ohangwena Region.

Twenty elephant tusks wrapped in yellow cellotape were discovered
floating in water under a bridge on Friday in Eenhana in Ohangwena.
According to Shikwambi, learners heading to school became suspicious
after observing a wrapped parcel floating in the water and alerted the

“The nature of the products is twenty pieces of elephant tusks
weighing 63.1 kilogrammes. The value is still to be determined. No one
was arrested and police investigations continue,” said Shikwambi. The
incident happened at Oshigweda village.

Meanwhile, police in Aranos in Hardap Region arrested two men who were
found in possession of 250 Mandrax tablets worth N$15 000 wrapped in
transparent plastic bags.

The two men, aged 38 and 21, who were travelling in a Volkswagen Polo
sedan were arrested on Saturday. Police investigations continue.