An array of programs implemented in Sri Lanka to minimize human-elephant conflict


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Sri Lanka has implemented an array of programs to minimize the human-elephant conflict, a wildlife official has said.

Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation H D Ratnayake told the national radio that measures will be taken to minimize the human-elephant conflict.

Every year around 60-70 persons are killed as a result of human-elephant conflict, according to Wildlife Department figures.

According to the Director General, the major initiative is erecting electrical fences and 2900 kilometers of fence will be erected in different parts of the country where wild elephants come into the villages in conflict with the people as the elephants have lost their habitats due to the expansion of villages and cultivations and accelerated development projects.

The official also said that that an elephant conservation center will also be established in Horowpathana area and 2,300 acres of land has been allocated for the project.

The Director General said the measures have been taken to establish National Wild life Parks and 26 such parks are being established and will be available for local and foreign tourists.

He also emphasized that the laws will be strengthened to take legal action against the people who are holding elephants illegally.

The Minister of Finance in his 2016 budget proposed allocating Rs. 4 billion within three years for programs aimed especially, at protecting wild life and addressing the human elephant conflict.