Bengdubi receives special guest from the jungle (Bagdogra, India)


Prashant Achayra, The Echo of India

Date Published

Army households residing at the A-Zone Defence quarters in Bengdubi, Bagdogra has shown to the world by example how wild animals reciprocate if love is shown to them.

Incidents of hounding wild animals such as elephants due to fear of possible attacks are common in the news from this region, especially from the Dooars. But today, when a hungry tusker entered the A-Zone army quarters, he was welcomed with offerings of various types of food stuff.

The animal emerged from the Taipoo forest in Bengdubi early this morning when the army men and their families were busy with their daily activities. And when they spotted the elephant, not one of them panicked, but started bringing out several varieties of eatables. The hungry tusker ate them all and returned quietly to the forest without disturbing anyone or anything.

Harish Singh, an employee with Bengdubi Military Engineering Service, said, “I was amazed by the people’s courage and adoration for the animal. Instead of hiding or panicking, all of them offered food stuff and the wild animal gently went back to the jungle without disturbing anyone.”