Blind Tusker, Sidda, Who Was Stuck In A Dam With A Broken Leg, Has Been Rescued And Operated Upon (India)


Susmita Mukherjee, Times of India

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As reports of a blind tusker, Sidda, being stuck in a dam for over 40 days came to the surface, Central and state governments swung into action and thankfully, Sidda has been saved from the grim fate.

A large number of animal lovers arrived on scene following the reports of Sidda’s tragic condition was reported across media channels. They brought food and offered any help that could be used in rescuing the pachyderm.

Sidda is blind in an eye, had broken a foreleg in a fall and had been drifting about in the dam.

Two elephants from Nagarhole had been brought to keep company with Sidda and help bring it out of the water.

Dr Arun Zakaria from Kerala, Dr K K Sharma from Assam, Dr Nagaraja from Nagarhole Tiger Reserve and Dr Arun A Sha from Wildlife SOS, Bannerghatta Biological Park, were part of a team of veterinarians that performed a four-hour-long operation on the tusker.

The doctors are hopeful of a full recovery for Sidda’s fractured leg.

Officials earlier tried to treat the elephant by giving it food laced with medicines. But the animal refused to take the medicines. In the latest round of treatment, it was sedated after it came out of the dam water.