C4ADS Environmental Crimes Fusion Cell Launch


Jackson Miller, C4ADS, Washington DC

Date Published
See links below for web platform and typologies report

C4ADS is pleased to formally announce the launch of our Environmental Crimes Fusion Cell. With a team of dedicated analysts, cutting-edge Palantir technology, and a network of over 50 global NGOs and enforcement organizations, the Fusion Cell provides analytical support to effectively structure disparate data into actionable information to combat transnational environmental criminal networks.

This launch includes:

The Fusion Cell Web Platform, which includes an interactive and regularly updated map of large-scale global ivory seizure instances from 2009-2015, an interactive poaching ammunition tracking portal, and contextual information on ivory, rhino, and timber supply chains with sample networks.

The Wildlife Trafficking Typologies Report, which provides risk indicators and real-world trafficking examples to help inform and bolster supply chain compliance for the transnational shipping and financial services industries.

Pro Bono Analysis, including transmission to law enforcement, for any organization or individual with raw data but without analytical capacity. Contact an analyst at [email protected].

C4ADS (www.c4ads.org) is a Washington, DC-based non-profit specializing in data-driven analysis on illicit networks using cutting-edge Palantir technology and innovative research methodologies. Past projects have included examining arms transfers, threat finance, and transnational trafficking networks worldwide. We have already achieved real-world results. We encourage you to visit our website for more information, including our previous reports on ivory poaching and trafficking networks: Ivory’s Curse and Out of Africa.