Cameroon customs seize record amount of ivory tusks



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Cameroon customs have seized 626 kg of smuggled ivory, amounting to 118 elephant tusks during an operation in Ambam, a subdivision in South region, officials said on Thursday.

The recovery indicated, about 59 elephants had been killed amid reports the smuggler intended to sell the tusks to an international buyer.

State media, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) reported that the tusks were concealed in a truck that was trafficking the smuggled items from neighbouring, Gabon.

The suspected trafficker was remanded in custody and must appear before justice to answer for his act, according to officials.

It is the largest seizure of smuggled elephant tusks by Cameroon customs in recent years. The seizure came, as the Central African nation struggles to dismantle an international ivory smuggling criminal gang and contain the surge in poaching, officials said.

In Cameroon, the law imposes a fine of 10 million CFA francs (about 16,512 U.S. dollars) or a period of imprisonment of up to three years on whoever unlawfully imports, exports, re-exports or markets wild animals or their trophies and remains.