Chitwan Park breeding centre sees increase in elephant population (Nepal)


The Katmandu Post

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Number of elephants in the Khorsor Elephant Breeding Centre in Sauraha, Chitwan, has significantly increased, according officials.

The Khorsor Elephant Breeding Centre is part of the Chitwan National Park (CNP).

The CNP, spread over 935 square kilometres, is home to 57 elephants.  When the breeding centre was established in 1985, the CNP had brought 20 elephants from India, Thailand and Myanmar. Sixteen elephants were brought from India for which Nepal had given four one-horned rhinos, said Assistant Conservation Officer Nurendra Aryal.

According to the CNP, the number of elephants reached 37 in 16 years of the establishment of the breeding centre.

“Currently, there are 17 elephants at the breeding centre whereas remaining others are mobilised in the CNP. We have not brought elephants from other countries after the establishment of the centre,” said Rajendra Panuhar, in-charge of the breeding centre. The gestation period of an elephant is quite long compared to other animals and it lasts between 22 to 24 months.

Meanwhile, staffers at the Parsa Wildlife Reserve (PWR) have said they are facing difficulties while patrolling the reserve due to lack of elephants. There are 11 elephants in the PWR. Manpuran Chaudhary of the PWR said they need at least 20 elephants for effective patrolling. “We need elephants immediately to patrol in Pasaha, Ratanpuri, Nirmalbasti and Charvaiya posts,” he said. PWR Warden Yubaraj Regmi they need more elephants for patrol as the PWR area was extended last year. The PWR is now spread over 627 sq km.