Elephant calf rescued from gorge, sent to Sakrebail camp (India)


Times of India

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Ever seen a baby elephant cry? It can melt the hardest of hearts. A 90-day-old calf, which got separated from its herd and was rescued by forest officials, wept when it was put into a truck to be sent to the elephant camp at Sakrebail. The baby elephant was found near Mainalli village, in Mundgod taluk, Uttara Kannada district four days ago. Forest department officials, who waited in vain for the mother elephant, on Wednesday decided to shift it to Sakrebail in Shivamogga district.

The herd of elephants had entered a paddy field adjacent to the forest, in Mainalli, and while returning, the calf fell into a gorge nearby. The other elephants tried to bring the baby out, but failed. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the elephants retreated into the forest.

Villagers informed the forest department officials who managed to lift it out of the gorge. The calf was treated locally and fed grains, jaggery and water.

Within three days, the baby elephant was accustomed to the new environment and began behaving in a friendly manner with officials and villagers. Forest officials tried to unite the baby elephant with the herd by leaving it alone in the forest, and observing it.

On Tuesday, the group of elephant again returned to the spot and the officials were overjoyed that the calf would be back with its mother. But the elephants left the calf behind. After this, glucose was administered to the calf and officials decided to shift it to Sakrebail.

The calf put up stiff resistance while being put on a truck to be transported.

The villagers, who saw tears in the its eyes, were touched. They said forest officials could have waited for some time and allowed the baby to return to its mother. The calf has safely reached Sakrebail, forest officials said.