Elephant calf rescued (Jawalagiri, India)


NYOOZ/The Hindu

Date Published

A three-month-old elephant calf that slipped into a rocky rainwater drainage pit in the fringes of Jawalagiri forests was rescued by Forest Department on Wednesday. The calf was with a herd from Jawalagiri forests and was with its mother, when it fell into the pit. On information, the Forest Department staff led by District Forest Officer, Hosur range, E. Rajendran rushed to the spot and rescued the calf and reunited it with its mother. The rescue inside the forest was a closely-guarded affair, unknown to the scattered villages. In the video – shared by a forest department source who was part of the rescue team – the calf caught in the rocky pit is seen making a bid to climb up and reaching out to the forest guard with its trunk.

At one point, a forest guard made a vain bid to tug at the extended trunk to pull the tiny calf up. In a protracted effort, a rope was thrown around the calf to finally haul it out. The calf was seen reuniting with her mother that watched the rescue from behind a bush.