Elephant counting to start at Dalma from May 9 (India)


Avenue Mail

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Jharkhand which comprise India’s most human-elephant conflict-prone region, have decided to count elephants between May 9 and 12 at Dalma Elephant Sanctuary.

The census has been consciously been scheduled for May 10, a full moon day on which the chances of elephant sightings are higher. The elephant counting is held every five years.

CCF Wild Life Anand Mohan Sharma said, elephant counting is held every five years in Dalma along with rest of the country under the ‘Gaj Pariyojana’.

Once the counting is finished the tourists start to come in as the visitors get the information as to under which ‘Gaj Pariyojana’ the herd of elephants in more. The last elephant counting was held in the year 2012.

Mr. Sharma further said that eco-tourism will be developed in Dalma under which the forests and animals will not be harmed and the cultural spots and rural culture will be promoted.

According to the 2015 census, Odisha has 1,954 elephants, while Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal have approximately 700, 275 and 130 elephants respectively.