Elephant electrocuted, one person held (Malappuram, India)


Times of India

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The forest officials have confirmed that the wild tusker, which was found dead at a farm near Karuvarakkund in Nilambur on Sunday, was electrocuted after coming in contact with an illegally installed electric fence. The forest officials have taken one person into custody in connection with the incident.

The postmortem by a veterinary surgeon has confirmed that the electrocu tion has caused the death.

The divisional forest officer (DFO) of Nilam bur South Sajiku mar said that the illegal construc tion of electric fen ce to protect farm lands from the at tack of wild elephant is rampant in the area.

Forest sources said that the fencing which was directly connected to the electric line was removed after the incident and the owner of farm would be taken into custody soon.

In June 2014, a local Congress leader was electrocuted at a farm land in Nilambur and police had found that the 11 kv electric fence installed there caused the electrocution. One person was arrested in connection with the death.