Elephant lovers take campaign to heart of HK ivory trade


Hong Kong Standard

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Wildlife conservation groups will march on Saturday along with a Maasai tribesman-turned anti-elephant poaching campaigner, calling for a ban on ivory in Hong Kong.

The marchers will proceed from Hollywood Road Park down to Gallerie Huit, Soho 189, and through the heart of the major ivory trading district in Sheung Wan.

Project C: CHANGE founded by Sean Lee-Davies and The Elephant Society will urge the Hong Kong Government to ban the domestic ivory trade outright.
Maasai tribesman and conservationist Daniel Ole Sambu has worked on the front lines of the illegal poaching war with the Big Life Foundation in Kenya (biglife.org) since 2009.

He is in charge of the Predator Compensation Fund with a team of about 52 staff.
He will be joined by Jamie Gaymer, who is head of wildlife and security at Ol Jogi Conservancy (oljogi.org) in Kenya.