Elephants pay unexpected visit to Tanzania university



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Dar es Salaam – Four wild elephants from nearby forests paid an unexpected visit to a university in Tanzania’s capital on Tuesday, triggering more entertainment than panic before being chased away by rangers.

“When we saw them in the morning, we were initially afraid and informed the university officials,” said Jessica Mollel, a student at the University of Dodoma, who said a crowd quickly formed.

The students called the police who got in touch with officers from Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA).

“Immediately alerted, the police arrived to contain the curious, preventing them from approaching the elephants,” Mollel recounted.

“No one was afraid, rather we took pleasure in watching our wild visitors,” she added.

After a visit lasting a few hours the elephants were dispersed by TANAPA rangers who fired into the air to scare them off.

“They did not cause any damage,” Mollel said, adding that this was the first time such an incident has been known to happen in Dodoma, the national capital.