Ethiopia: Illegal Poaching On the Decline – Authority


Henok Tibebu, The Ethopian Herald

Date Published

Ethiopian Wildlife Development and Conservation Authority (EWCA) said wildlife illegal poaching is relatively decreasing from time to time.

Conservation Areas Development and Protection Director of the Authority Girma Timer told The Ethiopian Herald that coordinated measures are being undertaken against the crime through organizing different law enforcement bodies.

According to him, the Authority has been giving consecutive trainings for police forces and other law enforcement bodies.

He added that the public participation is also increasing as scouts are recruited from the local communities where wildlife conservation and development activities are undertaken. The public participates in community based conservation areas and are benefiting from the development at the same time.

However, organized elephant hunting is still the major challenge of the nation’s wildlife conservation and development activities. “The major solution for this is strengthening the law enforcement and taking strict measures against the criminals,” he noted.

The Authority with the law enforcement bodies and the public is doing its best in terms of controlling illegal wildlife trafficking.

He added that efforts are also underway to modernize the conservation and development as well as law enforcement systems in every park.

Currently, there are close to three hundred species of mammals and ninety-six of which are smaller mammals.

The species are found in twenty five active parks throughout the country.