Jumbo dies in Midnapore (India, Bengal)


Sujoy Khanra, Times of India

Date Published
MIDNAPORE: A female elephant from the Dalma herd that entered West Bengal nearly five months ago died at the Godapiasal range in West Midnapore on Thursday evening, apparently due to an internal infection.
Forest department officials tried to treat her for the better part of the day on Thursday but she died around 8.30 pm. The carcass was shifted to a denser part of the forest for a post mortem. Later, the carcass was disposed off under surveillance of forest officials.
On Thursday morning, the elephant fell down at a place called Chandankath close to the boundary wall of the Jindal cement factory. The spot was nearly 200 metres from human habitation. Villagers informed the forest department and a veteranarian reached the spot. It was suspected that the elephant was suffering from acidity and medicines were administered. Energy drugs were also injected to help the animal. It was also suspected that the elephant may have fallen ill due to the cold. Forest officials and the veteranarian did their best to revive the elephant but were unsuccessful.
Another worry for the forest department was that the dead elephant had delivered a calf seven days ago. The calf was by the mother’s side when she fell. After the incident, the 69 other elephants in the herd rounded the calf up and waited some distance away. They maintained watch as the forest officials worked on the ill elephant. After she died, the herd moved to Bhadutola range, about 10 km away.The calf left with the others.