Kenyan police arrest 2 suspected poachers as 7 elephants killed


Andrew Wasike, Anadolu Agency

Date Published

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NAIROBI: Police arrested two suspected poachers with 14 pieces of ivory Thursday which authorities said were taken from seven elephants in western Kenya.

The National Police Service said a joint team of Busia county police officers and their counterparts from Kenya Wildlife Service arrested Mohamed Abbas, 60, his accomplice Paul Wafula Njoka, 70, and recovered the ivory.

“To a few, these are just photos of pedestrian criminals arrested by police for a normal crime as they await their day in court,” police said while displaying photographs of the suspects.

“To us and (the) majority of Kenyans who are passionate about the preservation of our national heritage, these are seven elephants of diverse ages killed for ivory, by humans.”

Police said a multi-agency team flagged the pair at Korinda junction in Busia following information that was shared by a civilian.

Authorities said the two suspects are in custody at Busia Police Station awaiting arraignment in court to answer the charges.

They encouraged the public to protect wildlife and reject criminal acts against Kenya’s national heritage.