Limited Edition, Handmade World-Class Chocolate to Save the Elephants


J Flowers, Blasting News 

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Worldwide mail order elephant chocolates will hit the market on 4th April 2016. L.A. Burdick Chocolate is handmade, and for the lucky people who live in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., New York City, and Walpole, N.H, the delicious guilt-free delicacies will be easily accessible. L.A Burdick’s has a reputation for sharing their success and has worked with disadvantaged families with children. Next month they will launch their special limited edition, hand-made elephant chocolates and proceeds will benefit the engendered African elephants in Kenya until August 31st.

Rich African flavor

Michael Klug, chocolatier for L.A Burdick’s spoke to The Daily Meal about the special edition chocolates. He described them as being prepared in stunning flavors. The dark chocolate elephants will carry the uniquelyAfrican fruity taste of Marula combined with passion fruit. The Marula tree is found across Africa and elephants just love them. The South Africans managed to turn the vitamin C rich berry into a delicious cream liquor drink which is marketed under the name of Amarula. The passion fruit flavor represents a piquant fruit that is grown in Kenya.  White chocolate elephants will be orange flavored.

100% hand-made

The chocolates will be 100% “hand-piped and dipped,” Klug said. Words like delicious, beautiful, creation, and passion flow from his mouth as he talks about his favorite thing in the whole world – quality Swiss chocolate. The chocolates will be presented in wooden boxes. Each box will contain three chocolate elephants.  Individual elephants will be available in paper boxes.

Proceeds for wildlife

Five percent of proceeds from the sale of these elephants will be going directly to theDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The Trust is dedicated to the conservation of elephants and rhinos in East Africa. Their orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program is recognized as one of the finest in the world.

What started out as a family passion for the elephants of Africa has grown into a world-recognized organization that leads the way in the conservation of endangered species. They have  been incorporated as a charity in the UK and had obtained USA charitable status. This has helped to raise funds through their USA Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

A guilt-free gift

The Trust is deeply involved in anti-poaching operations, and their units operate in the Tsavo National Park, the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Kibwezi Forest Reserve in Kenya. One of their greatest challenges is to curtail the slaughter of elephants by poaching syndicates. They always need funding to finance their anti-poaching operations, the orphan project and veterinary units. The chocolate elephants are a sweet idea and provide a wonderful opportunity to spoil someone you love with a guilt-free delicacy that will fund the future of the elephants in Africa.