Malawi Elephant Kills Suspected Poacher At Liwonde National Park


By Evance Chisiano, Malawi News Agency 

Date Published
Machinga — An elephant killed a poacher in Liwonde National Park on Christmas day as the man entered the park illegally to hunt for animals with his dogs.
Eastern Region Police confirmed the death through its deputy publicist, Sergeant Otilia Kumanga.
A 52 year old Patrick Maya used to enter the Liwonde National Park to poach, according to his brother Maxwell Makina.
Maya came from Chipala Village, Senior Chief Kawinga in Machinga but was married and lived at Wadi Village, Senior Chief Liwonde in the district.
The brother said Maya entered the national park to hunt animals but never returned home.
News of his missing reached his relatives at Chipala Village on December 27, according to Makina who said his brother is believed to have died on December 25.
His body was discovered on December 27 in a decomposed state such that it was buried on the spot, said Makina.
Poaching is common in Liwonde National park which is now being managed by a South African based Africa Parks.
Mid this year tons of wire snares were impounded in the park as poachers set them to capture animals in the game ranging from elephants to impalas.
Despite electric wire around the national park poachers find their way into the protected animal reserved area by disabling the electrified fence system.