Male elephant calf found dead in Niligirs (India)


Times of India

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A male elephant calf was found dead in Singara range of forests near Bokkapuram in the Nilgiris, on Tuesday.

The carcass of the elephant calf, aged around 2-3 months, was found by the forest watchers near Bokkapuram, close to the main road.

“The animal looked very weak. It may have been abandoned by its herd,” said S Kalanidhi, district forest officer (North division of the Nilgiris).

According to the DFO, the calf was found infected, as per the preliminary report of the post-mortem operation. “Its lungs and other vital parts were found infected. It is a natural death,” he said.

Post-mortem operation was conducted inside the forest area. Samples of the carcass were collected and sent for lab testing.

“As the calf was suffering from infection, after the postmortem operation, the carcass was burnt inside the forest area,” said Kalanidhi.

According to him, elephant herds have a tendency to neglect weak calves. If a healthy calf is lagging behind, they would do everything to ensure that he sticks with the herd.

On October 14, an abandoned male elephant calf was found in Sirumugai forest area and was brought to the elephant camp at Theppakadu in Mudumalai Tiger Reservein the Nilgiris. It died a few days ago due to ailment.

The calf looked very weak and was around 25 days old.