Mission to rescue elephants fallen into Z-D Canal (Sri Lanka)


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One adult elephant and a baby elephant have fallen into the Z-D main canal in Welikanda. According to our correspondent, after conducting a 24 hour mission by the Department of Wildlife Conservation with the help of villagers, the two elephants have been rescued. It has been further reported that these elephants have fallen to the canal last night in Welikanda-Muthuwella area at about 10.00pm. The baby elephant has been rescued last night and has been released to the Muthuwella forest reserve, yet the rescue of adult elephant has been delayed as one the ofcers from Wildlife Conservation Department has been bitten by a snake during the mission. Later, in the morning ofcers and villagers have tried to rescue the elephant but has failed. However, it is reported that the elephant has been rescued later and has been released to the Welikanda forest reserve