New Anti-Poaching Project will Help Preserve Endangered African Elephants and Rhinos Using Drones


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Two of the most important species on the planet continue to remain endangered despite decades of anti-poaching efforts. The Black rhinoceros and the African elephant have suffered enormous losses over the past decades because of their considerable value on the black market. This illegal trafficking continues due to the need of criminal and terrorist organizations to fund their operations. A new project by the Swiss Center for Security will utilize surveillance drones to monitor these endangered animals which inhabit large areas, and alert preservation guards if poachers appear.

This anti-poaching project will not only help preserve these important animal species, but will also help guard the lives and livelihoods of local communities. Many of these communities are based on animal tourism which would disappear without these species. Unfortunately, if poaching continues as it has in the past, these precious animals will be lost, leaving these communities vulnerable.

The drones that will be used by the Center for Security have been proven highly effective in these types of operations. They can operate continuously for 20 hours and can surveil almost 600 square kilometers each. They can detect intruders from almost a kilometer distant.

In order to conduct a successful anti-poaching program, there will need to be in-depth training for drone operators, who will need to operate in shifts around the clock. These material, training and staff requirements will be quite costly, which is why the Center for Security has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise $600,000. In return for supporting this project, backers can receive perks like memorialization on the Control Station wall, as well as monthly reports and videos.