Police Aplahoué and Azovè: Three suspected ivory traffickers arrested (Benin)



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Translated from French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for original. Thank you to Anne Dillon for both volunteering her time to find these French articles and doing the online translating.

Three suspected traffickers (including a Togolese) of wildlife products, were arrested with 2 kg of ivory in Couffo department, precisely Aplahoué. The operation was conducted by elements of the police and Aplahoué Azovè. For the month of October, this is the third arrest after those of the Red Star and Kandi, respectively on October 3 and October 22.

These arrests reflect the threats to the survival of elephants in the parks of Benin and those of neighboring countries. The 2 kg certainly come from an elephant shot in Togo. One thing is sure, the ivory trade is illegal and is punishable by law n ° 2002-16 of 18 October 2004 on the regime of wildlife in the Republic of Benin.

Since these traffickers are in conflict with the law, they will answer to the law for their acts. For transporting and wanted to exchange this amount of ivory for money, Articles 153 and 154 provide for the penalties they incur. They may be fined between 100,000 CFA francs and 800,000 CFA francs and imprisoned for three months to five years.

Note that the arrest would not have been effective without the technical support of the program “Support to the implementation of laws on wildlife (Aalf-Benin).” It remains for justice to properly play its part by dissuasive decision.