‘Probe Jumbo Trafficking’: Kerala Animal Rights Activists (Kerala, India)


New Indian Express

Date Published

Animal rights activists the other day sought a detailed investigation into the illegal inter-state transportation of elephants from Kerala to neighbouring states to work at logging stations and for other purposes.

In a memorandum to AWBI secretary, Chennai, assistant director, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, New Delhi and IG, MoEF, the animal right activists demanded confiscation of all elephants which were illegally brought to Karnataka for logging operations with no prior permission from the offices of the Chief Wildlife Wardens of both the states, a clear violation of the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

An investigation was sought following an ‘Express’ report on the illegal trafficking of elephants from Kerala to Karnataka for logging operations. ‘Express’ had reported on Tuesday that around 18 to 20 elephants were brought to Karnataka from Kerala without the required documents. The memorandum pointed out that since the government is now probing the ownership of elephants acting on a SC directive, the owners, who don’t have valid papers are shifting their animals.