Saymukta, Ramya stand up for injured elephant (Bengaluru, India)


Sunayana Suresh, Times of India

Date Published


The injured elephant Sidda at Manchanabele Dam has been in the news over the past couple of weeks. The elephant, which was attacked by poachers, was stuck in a pit and could not move out because of his injuries. Now, while Sidda is out of the pit and showed some signs of recovering, where he ate on his own accord on Monday, there’s a new development that has shocked people. Actress Samyukta Hornad, who has been fighting for help for Sidda, reveals, “The X-ray reports took some time to come and they show that he was shot. The poachers, upon seeing that the bullet did not injure him as they wished, tried attacking him, which led him to falling into the pit. I really hope the forest department takes note of this case as an example and ensures no elephant is targetted by poachers henceforth.” Apart from Samyukta, actress and former MP Ramya has also been vocal about her support for Sidda and has expressed concern over this situation.

Samyukta adds, “Sidda is currently being treated and a specialist has been flown in to Bengaluru to look into his condition.”