Tanzania: Dar Police Nab Three Aliens Over 45kg Ivory


Jimmy Lwangili, Tanzania Daily News

Date Published

Police in Dar es Salaam have arrested 350 suspects over various crimes, including two South Africans and a Serbian allegedly found in possession of two pieces of ivory weighing 45kg, in ongoing crackdowns in the city.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander, Commissioner of Police (CP) Simon Sirro said the suspects were arrested during crackdowns in various parts of the city.

He said the two South Africans and a Serbian found in possession of the elephant tusks were arrested at Upanga- Charambe area on Tuesday night, last week.

The names of the suspects were withheld to facilitate investigation. The suspects are also accused of involving themselves in narcotic drugs business. According to him, the suspects are held for interrogation and to facilitate further investigations before they appear before the court of law.

“We also arrested a suspected killer, Musuguri Sylvester (24), who is accused of killing his wife, Samira Masoud (34), and hiding her body in a huge water container at Kibamba area in Ubungo Municipality, last month,” CP Sirro said.

He said that during interrogation, the Musuguri admitted to have killed his wife as he suspected her of having an extra marital relationship. After killing her, he sent a short text message to his wife’s relatives to go and collect the body before it decomposes.

The CP further said that other 40 suspects were being held on suspicions of being involved in narcotic drugs business. Thirty three of them were tested by the Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (GCLA) and were confirmed drug users and others seven are awaiting tests.

He said the other 306 suspects were arrested over various crimes including using marijuana and local liquor commonly known as ‘gongo’. He said the suspects are undergoing interrogation and will appear before the court of law after investigations are complete.

CP Sirro also warned city dwellers over the presence of conmen who call people on their mobile phones and promise to help them get employment with the Dar es Salaam UDA Rapid Transit (UDART).