Tanzania: State Urged to Compensate People Harmed By Wild Animals


Tanzania Daily News

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Serengeti — The Parliamentary seat candidate for Serengeti on Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) ticket, Dr Kebwe Stephen Kebwe has underscored the need for next phase government to consider paying compensation to families members killed by wild animals.
Dr Kebwe made the pledge here yesterday before the presidential running mate, Samia Suluhu during her campaign in Mara region ahead of this year’s general election. He said for the past three weeks, three people have been killed by elephants from Serengeti National Park.
“Such incidents have increased, we need to come up with compensation structure to the bereaved families, as well as to those whose crops are destroyed by the wild animals” she pledged. He also insisted on the need for the relevant authorities to see how best they can control the wild animals from entering residential areas.
Dr Kebwe also urged Mama Suluhu to see how best the people surrounding the national parks could get employment opportunities available at the Serengeti National Park.
“The 94 percent of people in Serengeti lives within the national parks, they should be considered as key partners for the development of national parks” urged Dr Kebwe.
Reacting to the request, Samia said the issues will be well addressed by involving all concerned parties for the betterment of the public welfare.