The Progress of Baby Oscar Wilde of the Poetics


by Tempe Adams

Date Published

At approximately 7:30am yesterday morning on a routine patrol David and Tempe located the newly born Oscar Wilde of the Poetics. The family had not been seen since the night of the birth the previous Friday evening. It was a relief to report that they found him in good health and with high and very playful spirits. They were found not too far away from the birth location just close to Leopard rock in Samburu reserve.

The family were moving at a slow pace for Oscar Wilde heading south towards the river, doing a lot of feeding on the way.

He was staying very close to his mother Annie’s caring and supportive side. He would stay quite often within touching distance of his mother’s legs. His Sister who had assisted Annie so magnificently during the birth also maintained a very close and reassuring distance too young Oscar. While feeding she also kept an eye on his movements and was sure to be by his side if needed.