Three-day-old elephant calf rescued in Tamil Nadu (India)


Times of India 

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KRISHNAGIRI: A three-day-old female elephant calf, which got separated from its mother, was rescued by villagers near Rayakottai in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu on Monday. 

The calf was spotted in a village outside Odedurgam forest. On being alerted by the villagers, forest officials reached the village and rescued the calf. 

“We usually conduct general medical examination when we rescue a calf as it might be carrying some infections. Our men has taken utmost care of the calf since morning,” said a forest official. 

We are thankful for this strenuous efforts made by all who were instrumental in saving the precious life of Elephant calf.

The calf was given lactogen, glucose, coconut milk and water. 

According to forest officials, a calf is taken care of by its mother and elderly jumbos in the herd. When the calf gets separated from its mother and herd, it might have affected psychologically. “So it’s very important that the calf be given as much psychological support as possible by taking care of it always,” an official said.