Transcript/Live Q&A: Elephants are disappearing, so how can we save them?


The Guardian

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Patricia Sewe and Joy Omulupi, Wildlife Direct, Kenya
Andrea Crosta, Elephant Action League, United States, @ElephantLeague
Dan Stiles, independent consultant, Kenya, @Kenyadan10
Simon Hedges, Wildlife Conservation Society, US, @simonhedges64
Monica Wrobel, Elephant Family, United Kingdom, @elephantfamily
Isabel Hilton, China Dialogue, China, @isabelhilton

Key points by Karl Mathiesen

A wonderful and wide-ranging discussion of an immensely complex and emotionally-charged issue. Some final thoughts.

Fighting corruption, forcing the hand of policy makers and developing community-based responses to poverty are vital to elephant survival
Human-elephant conflict cannot be avoided, but we can try to control how humans react
A network of parks and wild lands is needed to allow elephants to roam naturally
Stamping out demand and the legal market in China is going to be difficult, but the government appears to be serious
Hope for the future is not lost, but it is probably limited to small pockets of land