Treatment for sick jumbo to continue for two more days (Coimbatore, India)


Times of India

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A 30-year-old female elephant, which is suffering from a stomach-related ailment, will be released into the forest after two more days of treatment, forest department sources said on Saturday.

The elephant, which was found unconscious in Periya Thadagam on the city outskirts a few days back, was revived by forest veterinarians.

However, the pachyderm, which ventured into the forest area, returned on Friday and fell sick, necessitating the forest department to shift it to the camp at Chadivayal for treatment.

After necessary medical care, the elephant recovered on Saturday morning. It was helped up with the help of crane, forest department sources said.

Since it is unable to consume food on its own, the elephant will be kept in the camp for two more days and will be released into the forest after total recovery, they said.

On October 20, the elephant had reportedly gone into the forest and consumed plastic bags and aloe vera, thus leading to stomach-related problem.