Trench to restrict wild elephants in Raigarh (India)


Times of India

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Bilaspur: Raigarh forest division is preparing a plan to control wild elephant menace in the district in the region adjoining Mainpat, the popular tourist destination of Surguja district.

Large herds of wild elephants have been spreading terror in Mainpat area for more than six months now.

These herds have been wandering from Kapu in Raigarh district to Kandraja and Mainpat. As per the plan, these herds would be stopped in Kapu forest area. Forest department is planning to dig a three km long trench between Kapu and Kandraja to ensure that the herds are confined within Kapu forest range.

Mainpat is very close to Kapu forest range of Raigarh. As a result, herds of wild elephants have been frequenting Mainpat from Kapu.