Vets rescue elephant caught in poacher’s snare (Zimbabwe)



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See link for video of surgery & elephant.

A team of veterinarians saved a juvenile bull elephant caught in a poacher’s wire snare with surgery in the field, in Zimbabwe, on November 21.

The young animal, named Little Nyakasanga, is seen standing up after undergoing surgery in Mana Pools.

The operation was performed by veterinarians from Aware Trust Zimbabwe, a conservation trust.

The team tranquillised and operated on the elephant after locating it and finding a poachers’ snare in its left leg. The wound was extremely deep, the team said.

After the surgery, the young elephant was able to stand up on his three good legs, after several attempts.

This video, showing the successful operation, was released on social media with the intention of encouraging support for Aware Trust, the group run by veterinarians, which aims to help animals in need in Zimbabwe.

The trust had performed in-field surgery on an injured lion the day before operating on the elephant.