VIDEO: Karnataka Villagers Try, Fail To Save Parched Elephant (India)


Kirti Phadtare Pandey, The News Minute

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See link for video of elephant.

Heartbreaking footage shows the moment a severely dehydrated elephant collapsed and struggled for life, hours before its ultimate and untimely death in southern India.

The 15-year-old elephant was found by locals in a critical condition in Chikkalahalli, a village in the Indian state of Karnataka, on Thursday.

Forest officials and a team of vets rushed to rescue the giant animal – who they think suffered from heat stroke.

In an attempt to save the elephant, forest officials and locals drenched the giant animal in water and provided energy-rich fluids – but in spite of their efforts, the extremely weak animal could not stand up.

Forest officer K Shivaram said: “The elephant was still moving its limbs and trunks when we first arrived on the spot.

“There were no injury marks on her body but the elephant looked severely dehydrated and might have suffered a heat stroke.

“By morning it had lost all the energy without water.

“The elephant may have got separated from its herd and had entered the village looking for water and fodder.

“We erected a makeshift tent with the help of villagers, drenched the animal in water many times and provided her the energy rich fluids but the animal, in spite of all these measures, did not stand up.”

Sadly, the animal died that afternoon.

Due to lack of rainfall last year and a scorching summer heat, the majority of the lakes and streams along the elephant corridors in Karnataka have run dry.