Way Sambas National Park Welcomes Baby Male Sumatran Elephant 


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A male Sumatran elephant (Elephas Maximus Sumatrensis) has been born at the Elephant Response Unit (ERU) in Tegalyoso, Way Kambas National Park, in East Lampung district on Monday (3/27).

A couple days earlier, a female Sumatran elephant was also born at Tegalyoso ERU. The female elephant baby was born by female elephant named Riska, with a body weight of 85 kilograms.

On Monday, another Sumatran elephant was born. The male baby Sumatran elephant is from a female elephant named Dona, and was born at 1:15 pm,” said Subakir.

He said the baby male elephant weighed 89, kg and was born in good health. “The condition of the baby elephant is healthy, as well as its parent,” said Subakir again.

Subakir said there have already been two baby elephant births early in 2017, which meant that the Sumatran elephant population in Way Kambas National Park is rising.

Earlier in 2016 and then, also to two cubs have been born female elephant named Suli Fitria from its parent, and the parent Disti of Dita.

Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia says forest elephant populations in Way Kambas National Park only reached 247 elephants.

The number is likely less than forecast, following the rampant poaching of wild elephants for ivory and teeth taken by poachers.

WCS survey results of 2002 showed that there were 220 elephants at Taman Way Kambas in 2002. The population rose to 347 elephants in 2016.

According to WCS, the number of elephants may be reduced at this time than ever before, given the rampant poaching of elephants in the forest conservation of this national park.

WCS also concerned about the alarming decline in populations of wild elephants have for the future of conservation, especially the sustainability of the surrounding ecosystem and for science if elephants in Sumatra is not maintained together.