Wildlife officials begin treatment for Galgamuwa tusker (Sri Lanka)


Melanie Santiago,NewFirst

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The Galgamuwa Crossed Tusker also known in Sri Lanka as the Galgamuwa Dalapoottuwa, which is suffering from gunshot wounds is receiving treatment for its injuries.
North Western Wildlife Zone Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Chandana Jayasinghe said that wildlife officials have learned that the tusker has gunshot wounds on two locations of its body.
The Galgamuwa Crossed Tusker, which is over fifty years of age, reached the electric fence in Henwalagama, Bulnewa on Wednesday morning.
Wildlife officials say that the tusker leaves the environs of the forest only when taken ill.
The crossed tusker which had arrived from the Kahalla -Pallakele forest reserve was seen with possible gunshot wounds on one of its legs and trunk.
According to  Janaka Roshan, our correspondent in Galgamuwa,  a team of wildlife officials headed by Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Chandana Jayasinghe arrived at the location to provide treatment to the tusker.