Zimbabwe: Government Disowns Wildlife Consortium


By Elita Chikwati, The Herald

Date Published
Government has dismissed the claimed mandate of the newly-formed outfit Hwange Conservation Consortium (HCC), saying it only recognises the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as the sole agency responsible for all wildlife conservation in the country. The statement by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate comes in the wake of reports of the formation of a conservation organisation, the HCC, to counter the Zimbabwe Wildlife Management Plan.
In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry said the HCC was against the Government’s wildlife management methods and had plans to counter them by implementing its own management strategies with the assistance of its affiliates.
“It has come to the attention of the ministry that an organisation calling itself Hwange Conservation Consortium (HCC) has been formed with the sole intent to counter the Zimbabwe Wildlife Management Plan particularly in the Hwange National Park.
“It is important to note that the ZPWMA, which falls under the ministry, is the body statutorily mandated as the sole regulatory and management body for all wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe in terms of the Parks and Wildlife Act [Chapter 20:14].
The ministry said the ZPWMA was guided by its national mandate and international obligations and commitments under various multilateral agreements such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
“ZPWMA is committed to working with other partners who promote and advance the cause of wildlife conservation and utilisation in the country and such organisations should work with the ZPWMA and not against it as has been declared by the HCC.
“The Zimbabwe policy for wildlife was crafted by the Government in consultation with its stakeholders in the wildlife industry.
It therefore embraces the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe on how they would want to see their wildlife heritage governed.
“It is in light of the above that the ministry would like to make it a matter of public record that it does not recognise the Hwange Conservation Consortium and thus would like all its stakeholders to be accordingly cautioned, read the statement.
Zimbabwe has been affected by sanctions and is having difficulties in conserving its wildlife.
The country cannot sell its ivory while the US has banned its citizens from trophy hunting in Zimbabwe as they are not allowed to bring the trophies back home.