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Save the Elephants is proud to be at the heart of a growing coalition united to save elephants. By linking arms for the natural world, sharing knowledge and collaborating with partners, we can create a harmonious future for elephants and people. Our Human-Elephant Coexistence Toolbox has been shared with hundreds of partners across Africa and is helping communities coexist alongside elephants without risking their livelihoods, or their lives.

© Meha Kumar



The challenge of fostering harmony between humans and elephants across the elephant range in Africa requires new thinking. To this end, in 2021 we began building our toolbox of conflict mitigation methods and scaling its adoption through the 100+ partner organisations we support through the Elephant Crisis Fund that we run with the Wildlife Conservation Network.


Save the Elephants has partnered with some of the world’s leading broadcasters and production houses to raise awareness about the challenges facing wild elephants and to highlight their fascinating and complex lives. We are also proud supporters of The Elephant Queen mobile unit.


Our Human-Elephant Coexistence Toolbox launched in 2022 after two years in the making. It has since been shared with hundreds of partners in 50 countries. We aim to share the tools to increase awareness about the importance of coexisting with elephants and to engage with local communities in elephant conservation efforts.