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Elephant News Service

Between the two news services our email list has grown to over 1500 members worldwide including scientists, students, conservationists, policy makers, park mangers and zookeepers. Spreading knowledge about elephants through all media is an important priority for STE. In doing so we are increasing conservation awareness both amongst those that live with elephants and around the world. All articles, stories and publications from our news service are stored in a free library on our website which is a huge resource for elephant enthusiasts all over the world.

We now have a system allowing people to subscribe, unsubscribe, and select a daily digest option so that they can get one email a day with all the stories rather than each story one by one. To set up and manage subscriptions, change email address, etc., please go to the following pages:

For African elephant news:

For Asian elephant news:


Save the Elephants News Listservs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


What is the purpose of the listservs?

The mission of the listservs is to fairly represent and circulate what is reported in the media on elephants in the wild, and to share the latest research and findings that can inform elephant conservation, care and knowledge. There is one listserv for Asian elephants, and one for African elephants. The stories do not necessarily reflect the views of Save the Elephants.

How many subscribers are there?

At the time of this writing, there are 1,432 subscribers on the African elephant news list, and 909 subscribers on the Asian elephant news list. Most of those are overlaps, that is, many people are on both lists. Sometimes a story is sent around to both lists that speaks of one continent or species, but is believed to be of interest to all.

What if a news story is not accurate?

Given the quantity of news stories that are published, it is impossible to check the veracity or accuracy of articles. We obviously cannot guarantee the accuracy of any news story. If a reader finds inaccuracies in an article, we are happy to circulate corrections, if these can be verified.

What if I know of a relevant news story that hasn't been circulated yet?

Please feel free to send in the story or a link to the story. Keep in mind wild elephants are our subjects, not captive.

Can you circulate a petition or fundraising appeal, or a promotion or news of a campaign for my movie/book/FB/website on elephants?

No, that is not the purpose of this listserv.

Can you circulate a news story about captive elephants?

No, this listserv is only for distribution of news about elephants in the wild.

Do you circulate blog posts?

Since we don’t consider blog posts to be straight news items, we gather ones that may be of interest and every month or so send around a list of miscellaneous items that includes blog posts, videos, upcoming talks, new books, and various other resources. Feel free to email anything to Melissa you think should be included.

Can a job listing or grant opportunity be circulated?

As long as it concerns and can benefit elephants in the wild, yes.

Can you explain the particulars of an article to me or put me in touch with the author or newspaper editor?

Please don’t ask for more details about an article or event. For more information on a particular article, please contact the media organisation concerned.


Scientific Papers

What if I need to know what scientific papers exist on a certain subject, e.g., ivory trade, poaching trends, human/elephant conflict, elephant biology, behavior, etc.?

We have an excellent, searchable bibliography online that people can use to research any such subjects themselves: Save the Elephants’ Elephant Bibliography at

How can I get every single paper that you announce automatically, without requesting it?

There is a list called “Each Paper Each Time” that you can subscribe to. To do this, please send an empty, untitled email to

What if I've written a paper I'd like to have circulated?

Please email it and it will be considered for circulation.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can you help me with facts and figures or a study I am doing/a book I am writing/a movie or documentary I'm making/a campaign I am launching?

No, that is not the purpose of the listservs. Save the Elephants aims to make accurate and up-to-date information available on our website – For media or project enquiries, please contact

Whom do I contact if I have donation questions?
What can I do to help elephants?

Save the Elephants is a small Kenya-based NGO that punches far above its weight. The easiest and most effective way to help is to make a regular donation – your funding is the only way we are able to keep working for the species. Other ways of helping are to spread awareness of elephants and the work of Save the Elephants. Social media is particularly a powerful tool in this regard. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.