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Save the Elephants would like to thank the following photographers for allowing their work to be displayed on the website:

  • Alex Hofford
  • Bala Murali
  • Daryl Balfour
  • Edelmond Williams
  • Frank AF Petersens
  • Georgina Goodwin
  • Hilary Hurt
  • James Forsyth
  • Karl Ammann
  • Kate Brooks
  • Kristian Schmidt
  • Lisa Hoffner
  • Mannie Garcia
  • Marcy Mendelson
  • Marlow
  • Martin Varon
  • Matt Mays / Indianapolis Zoo
  • Max W. Oreinstein / Clinton Foundation
  • Michael Nichols / Nat Geo
  • Nuno Noronha
  • Patrick Freeman
  • Qi Lin
  • R.J. Walters
  • Sam Gracey / BBC
  • Sean Dundas
  • Serenoy Letoye
  • Susan Molloy
  • Tobin Jones
  • Xinhua

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