Injured jumbo suffers due to lack of care (India)


Times of India

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An elephant, which seems to be suffering from severe ulcers in and around its mouth, was seen standing just outside the forest area in Mankarai since Wednesday morning. Since the forest veterinarian has not been available throughout the day, none of the forest rangers or public have been able to approach the animal and help it. 
From the morning, forest watchers in Mankarai, noticed a lone elephant moving around in the same spot in an agitated manner. “Forest officials and a couple of conservationists were informed and called a couple of hours later,” said M Siva, wildlife conservationist. “We noticed that the elephant’s mouth seems to be injured due to ulcers and it was not being able to eat anything,” he said. 
Conservationists believe the elephant, to be around 18 to 20 years old, developed ulcers after consuming crops sprayed with fertilizer. “The chemicals must have reacted and caused ulcers,” said Siva. 
Though forest officials were informed and have begun watching the elephant since morning, nobody has approached it yet. “Nobody is available to tranquilize the animal and examine its injuries,” he said.