Wildlife and Climate Change


Nelson Mwangi, National Intern

Date Published

There is a strong link between global warming and the distribution and survival of animal and plant species. Droughts and floods have the ability of wiping out entire populations of animals and spreading alien species to various areas and ecosystems.

Climate change education is very minimal in the Kenyan syllabus. With this in mind STE interns have been involved in the organization’s education program over the past two months teaching kids about climate change in the simplest terms. This has been done through the use of discussion groups and videos in an effort to try and show them the link between climate change and wildlife.

With Samburu having experienced a severe drought in 2009 and flooding the following year, these sessions are helping explain the reasons behind these drastic and unwelcomed changes.

The kids have a rich background on wildlife but their knowledge of climate change is very minimal. We believe that their passion in wildlife conservation can be replicated to Climate Change and possibly change how they use resources such as water and fuel in their schools and at home. They also have the capability to spread conservation efforts to their families and villages.

By making climate change-wildlife education fun, we hope to look up to a better future full of conservationists and wildlife advocates.