Youth killed by tusker, 1 more injured (India)


Times of India

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RAIPUR: Parts of north Chhattisgarh faced another round of tusker attack, where a youth was killed at Ambikapur in Surguja division and another elderly person severely injured at Marwahi in Bilaspur district in last two days. 
The youth was trying to chase away an elephant and was severely injured. He died while undergoing treatment at Ambikapur Mission hospital. In the other incident, an elephant had ventured into the village after getting separated from its herd and went aggressive when it heard loud cries of people. It started running behind the crowd and trampled Arjun Gond, the terrified locals said. 
Forest officials admitted that there was a lot of damage owing to elephants in crops, paddy, homes and human life, but they said nothing could be done except paying compensation to victims. 
Victims, however, alleged that forest department takes months and sometimes a year to compensate which adds to their suffering. “Homelessness, loss of crops and life and no money means beginning life from scratch, but government doesn’t understand our pain,” Balam Gond, a local of Balrampur said. 
Around 30 villages of tribal Jashpur district also remain under threat and people are forced to spend sleepless nights. Over 70 houses were knocked down by herds of elephant in the region while six persons have died in incidents in last two months. 
Driven to desperation, more than 16 families have left the villages in search of new home. Locals have been taking refuge at a school, spending nights awake, taking turns. 
On February 5, tuskers had trampled two villagers at Surajpur and Koriya districts to death, damaging 70-80 houses.