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Double Match appeal

Peaceful coexistence is possible - with your help

Urgent appeal: Elephants face walking into conflict that could be fatal for them and local people, unless farmers have the tools to prevent elephants from eating their crops.


Which gift will you choose to keep an elephant safe?

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How your gift will help

Your gift will help place the tools which are reducing conflict between people and elephants, and creating peaceful coexistence, into the hands of communities and farmers across the African continent. 

Your gift may be used to support another method of creating peaceful coexistence between people and elephants other than the methods listed above. All the money you donate will be used to protect wild elephant herds and preserve their natural habitats.

All gifts made before midnight 31 December 2023, will be matched by an anonymous donor (up to a total value of £150,000).

Thank you so much for your generous donation during this critical time.

If you would like to send your gift via bank transfer please get in touch by emailing [email protected].


From the US?

Use the link below to send your gift in USD via our U.S fiscal sponsor; Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). Please be assured that 100% of your gift will be passed on to Save the Elephants.

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