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The subscription-based Elephant News Service is a substantial resource for elephant lovers, scientists and conservationists across the globe. It comprises all articles, stories and publications on elephants and elephant conservation from around the world. The service is managed by Save the Elephants however the stories published on the listservs do not necessarily reflect the views of STE.  

The Elephant News Service subscription process gives people the option to subscribe, unsubscribe, as well as receive a daily digest option. The daily digest provides subscribers with one email a day featuring all the stories rather than receiving each individual story one by one. To set up and manage subscriptions, change email addresses, etc, please go to the following pages:

For African elephant news: http://elephantnews.org/mailman/listinfo/african-elephant_elephantnews.org

For Asian elephant news: http://elephantnews.org/mailman/listinfo/asian-elephant_elephantnews.org.

For all papers: https://elephantnews.org/list/allpapers.elephantnews.org

Save the Elephants News Listservs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The mission of the listservs is to fairly represent and circulate what is reported in the media on elephants in the wild, and to share the latest research and findings that can inform elephant conservation, care and knowledge. There is one listserv for Asian elephants, and one for African elephants. The stories do not necessarily reflect the views of Save the Elephants.

The mission of the listservs is to fairly represent and circulate media reports on elephants in the wild, and to share the latest news and research on elephant conservation. There are three listservs – one for Asian elephants, one for African elephants and one for both. The stories published on the listservs do not necessarily reflect the views of Save the Elephants.

 Sometimes a story will be sent to all three lists if it is believed to be of interest or relate to both species (African and Asian).

This service reflects stories published on established news outlets however, Save the Elephants cannot guarantee the accuracy of any news story. In addition, we do not endorse any of the views expressed therein. We simply try to represent fairly what is in the media on elephants. If a reader finds inaccuracies in an article, we are happy to circulate corrections, if these can be verified.

Please feel free to send the story or a link to the story to us at [email protected]  and [email protected]g

The listserv has one function – to share media reports and findings on elephant conservation. It is not a bulletin board for promoting generic elephant information. 

This listserv is only for the distribution of news about elephants in the wild. However, there are stories that intersect with issues about captive elephants and these are circulated on a case by case basis.

We review this on a case by case basis and will disseminate these opportunities if they benefit elephants in the wild. We post these to recipients as being “Of Interest,” along with other events such as conferences, webinars, upcoming films, and so forth.

For more information on a particular article, please contact the media outlet that originally published the story.

For media or project enquiries, you can contact Save the Elephants at [email protected] or go to STE’s website, www.savetheelephants.org

Given that African forest elephants are under threat in several French-speaking countries (e.g. Central African Republic, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Republic of the Congo, among others), we do translate and circulate published articles written in French. The same holds true for articles written in Portuguese (from Angola and Mozambique primarily). Online translation tools provide a very rough English version of these articles for us. We welcome articles of this nature, so please feel free to send them to us for review and potential posting.  

All of the stories are archived and can be accessed by subscribers through the Elephant News Service

There are two excellent, online searchable bibliographies available. https://www.savetheelephants.org/research/

The Elephant News Service is currently managed by journalist Nicola Payne in the U.S. Prior to this it was run by editor Anne Dillon and journalist Christina Russo. The listserv was launched in 2001 by US-based wildlife photographer Melissa Groo.

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To unsubscribe from Asian elephant news, please send an empty, untitled email to [email protected]

Information on how to unsubscribe is also included at the end of every news article posted on the listservs.

Yes. Simply follow the steps above. When you’re ready to renew your subscription, simply send another email to us requesting to restart the service.

Yes. At the bottom of every news story there is an option to sign up for Daily Digest.

Write to  [email protected] (African news) and [email protected]  (Asian news) with your new address.


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