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Scientific Publications

“Smelly” Elephant Repellent: Assessing The Efficacy Of A Novel Olfactory Approach To Mitigating Elephant Crop Raiding In Uganda And Kenya (2022)

Tiller, L. N., Oniba, E., Opira, G., Brennan, E.J., King, L.E., Ndombi, V., Wanjala, D., Robertson, M.R.


Human–elephant conflict is increasing across many parts of Asia and Africa. Mitigating elephant crop raiding has become a major focus of conservation intervention, however, many existing methods for tackling this problem are expensive and difficult to exe

A Global Community-Sourced Assessment Of The State Of Conservation Technology

Talia Speaker, Stephanie O'Donnell, Wittemyer G., Brett Bruyere, Colby Loucks, Anthony Dancer, Marianne Carter, Eric Fegraus, Jonathan Palmer, Ellie Warren, Jennifer Solomon

Conservation Biology

Conservation technology holds the potential to vastly increase conservationists' ability to understand and address critical environmental challenges, but systemic constraints appear to hamper its development and adoption.